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Yet Another Stalling Problem [YASP]

I have a 1992 300E and it has developed a tendency to stall when slowing down after being on the highway for at least a 10-20 min run. As I begin to stop I can feel that the engine is starting to surge both up and down and when i do stop the engine will fluctuate rather wildly from about 700 back down to around 200-300. The engine will stall pretty quickly unless i keep some gas applied. When I apply the gas the engine acts normally. Interestingly, if I shut down the car and restart the car after I leave the highway everything stays completely stable around 600-700 idle and no tendency to surge or stall. I have done several searches and have not come to any conclusion about what might cause this and I would be very grateful to anybody that could shed some light on what needs to be looked at. This car has approximately 250,000 and is in otherwise perfect condition and would like to keep it that way! Thanks alot for any help you can provide.

Zach -- '92 300e - 252,600 miles
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