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I am flushing my R-12 system for the second time because I did not heed LarryBible's mantra about flushing, flushing, FLUSHING.

In addition to Larry's fine suggestions above, I'd like to emphasize the importance of flushing the condensor, especially if the compressor was seized previously (which in your case it presumably was not). In my case, I removed the condensor, and upon shaking it vigorously, found that it was stupid with debris! It sounded like one of those Brazilian rain sticks you find in the Nature store in the mall. I don't think I could have flushed it adequately without removing it either. I ended up dumping a whole can of brake cleaner in (not all at once), swishing it around, and then blowing out again. You should have seen the detritus that exited the condensor and is now plastered on the side of my garage!

Also, I cannot stress enough the need to wear safety goggles when doing this. I was remiss in wearing mine, and I ended up with brake cleaner in my left eye. Fortunately, I had cold water nearby and I was dowsing my eye within 10 seconds. Scary stuff.

...sorry, I'm digressing somewhat.
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