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Originally posted by sixto
It doesn't sound quite the same. Mine worked with the key, but not with the remote or central locking pump. I think there's a broken rod or clip in your case, just not the same one. Does the lock button move in your car?

95 S420
91 300SE
87 300SDL
83 300SD
Not automatically, I have to move it manually (for the driver side)...

Also the keyless entry (through the key button) doesn't work.. The lights turn red for green and red for lock but it doesn't do anything

I just checked the fuses by moving them around to see which ones light up etc. and the fuses are ok.. Do you think it could be anything to do w/ fuses in the hood instead of trunk?

Basically the unlocking for the driver side must be done after I open up the passenger side and manually pull up the driver side unlocker. Also, the buttons inside the car don't unlock the car either nor does the buttons on the key.. The lights for the buttons on the key work (green/red) for the driver side, pass. side, and trunk but the car doesn't unlock

Any suggestions?
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