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#2 diesel isn't the most highly characterized fuel on the face of the earth. I happened to run into the cheif chemist at the Marathon refinery last week at European Connection, my local Benz indy's shop, and he admitted that diesel fuel production is basically distilling the proper "cut" out of the crude and adding the additive package and shipping it. Very little more.

Now, if you are in the market for molten sulfur, he's going to have trainloads of it in the near future......

He also said that with the current distrubution system, you are likely to end up with just about anything in anyones diesel fuel station, just what depends on where you are.

You will still have to shop around and see. My two local faves are Phillips 66 (known here are Circle S) and Shell. The Phillips smokes more in the winter, but starts easier, and the Shell smokes less most of the time (hard to tell on the 300D, it never smokes at all except on an occasional heavy throttle start), and give better milage on the average.

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