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Originally posted by zafarhayatkhan
Solution for the antenna, MB engineers should have used a windshield integrated antenna in a $45000 car.
People griped about having to pay for a new wire-embedded windscreen every few years. Also, reception wasn't great. Now they place it in the rear glass, and it seems to work better. My C230 has outstanding radio reception.

Has anyone thought to join a Lexus forum like ours? I've been to a few, and find that the mighty Lexus is not immune to problems, and sometimes their engineering is piss-poor compared to MB's. You can read about driveline problems, constant CE lights, huge bills for instrument clusters, radio failures, struts that can't make it close to 100K-miles, warped rotors every year at least and premature leather wear. You can read about slipping trannies and early engine mount failure. You can find out about sludge problems in the 3.0L V-6 that is costing owers big time, as it took Toyota YEARS to admit their mistake. It goes on and on.

A friend of mine has a 1997 ES300. It's a nice car. It's still pretty tight and runs great. Heck, if you set the odo back, no one could tell. However, that condition has not come without a cost. His cost, in terms of money. But, his expectations are so different than mine. At 103K-miles, he figures the car is good for another year or two at most. Then, he'll take some beating and trade it in on another Lexus. He likes the way the car looks and drives, and is willing to pay to belong to the Lexus "club."

I surfed into an LS forum. I found the same kinds of problems experienced by W140 owners. Tons of electrical woes, AC problems, etc. Also, there were worn suspensions at early mileages, brake rotor warpage like crazy and so on. The thing that I really noticed was that many of the posters had bought their cars used, and somehow expected that it would be "running-cost" free. I see the same thing with S-Class Mercedes' all the time. Someone finds a W140 for the same price as a new Accord, and figures they'll ride in style. What they didn't figure was that the W140 was the most complex car produced in it's day. It was NEVER designed to have the running costs of a Corolla, Accord, etc.

Now, people need to understand this, and there is a real information gap. If your budget is Corolla, buy a Corolla. I realize that my C230 costs a great deal more (depreciation alone is more than the MSRP on a Corolla) to operate than the budget-minded Toyota. But, I didn't want a Corolla. I made the concious decision to spend the extra money and go for the Benz. But, I bought the C-Class because I didn't want the long term costs of something higher up the product line.

Now, that all said, I do expect Mercedes to build a high quality car that is long lived and provides DECADES of enjoyment. THAT is one of the things I'm paying for.
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