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tkamiya - I totally agree with the behavior of your car. But remember what you see in the picture is only after 10 min of driving and 10 min of idle in 60F weather! With regards to your comment: "What's the highest temp you've seen? Did you actually see it go beyond 107C?", yes, it does that every single time I drive it in the cooler weather and what you see in the picture is beyond 107C.

Mingson - fan clutch works like a charm from start of car to when it's running hot, it's just the 2 fans in the front that never turn on.

engatwork - Coolant was flushed maybe 9 months ago with mercedes coolant from the dealer, then it was flushed last week when it went to the shop and had the thermostat replaced as well. It's not the exact same stuff that comes in the white "mercedes benz coolant" bottle, but it's spec'd for german cars they say(it's a pink color). Any mechanics know if not running the factory coolant will make the car run hotter? Are they that finicky? Yes, it bothers me as well that it runs so hot as I KNOW that is not normal.

wjm - cool, that sounds good, but I don't want that solution as I'm selling the car right now and I want the "running hot" problem solved before I hand the car off to someone else. I take pride in things I sell, so this needs to get fixed. I already bought another car, or else I would use the kick in the fans alternative.

thx for all your answers, hopefully I get some more info from some mechanics if they might know what would cause the fans to not turn on.
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