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I was just wondering what the quality problems that were reported by owners of the W210 E-class in the survey.

We all know that the chronic / systemic problems in the 1993-1995 M104 powered 300E (3.2 or 2.8) / E320 cars are: leaking head gaskets, leaking front cam seals, and disintegrating insulation on engine wiring harnesses. Early 300E's appear to have a relatively high numbers of a/c evaporators that leak.

What do people complain about in their W210's?

Other than the harmonic balancer failures, I can't think of another item that the majority of the owners seem to complain about.

I recall reading a handfull of posts on the W210's: dashes that crack and loose front seat rails, but nothing seems to be as systemic as the aforementioned wiring harness and head gasket issues in the W124.
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