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Sounds to me like your fuel distributor is not working properly or you have a severely restricted intake for some reason.

Originally posted by Rkc:
After following all paths
(1.electrical tune up,(wires, plugs cap, rotor, etc)
2.compression check,(fine)
3. Cat and pre-cat removal to check for clog,(not clogged)
Car still runs rough, seems rich, sluggish but will get up to 90(yesterday on a 150 mile trip).Runs super smooth at high speed, but no power. 1st thing this morning on the way to the muffler shop it seemed to have a little better acceleration for about 2 minutes until the enging got warm, then sluggish again, I just knew it would be the pre cat stopped up. Shop removed everything and drove down the road. Loud as heck but no improvement!!! When plugs were removed for compression test they were smutty black, all about the same. Fuel problem I guess but I dont know what to do next.What kind of diagnostic machine will it take to tell me whats going on? Will I have to go to MB dealer or can an independnt shop to help? I will try anything now!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for a great site!!!!

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