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I felt compelled to post this after reading all the J.D. Power stuff.
Sadly it seems the JD Powers "stuff" is correct. MB just isn't building their cars like they did in 1987. Seems the running gear, engine, trans, etc are still just as bulletproof, but all the new toys are where the problems mostly occur. And you can spend thousands of dollars tracking down and fixing all the problems caused by "toys". Carmakers including MB are pretty much run by the marketing department instead of the engineers. Marketing wants many models including lower priced starter models and they want all the whistles and bells and they want it at a very competitive price. And this leads to most of the problems that we are seeing on the newer models. Wouldn't it be great if MB would build a new model for people who just wanted a great car to drive and KEEP? No automatic door and trunk lid closers, no video screens, none of that stuff that causes all the problems. Just build us a car that looks good (ie: 560 SEL) and will last 20 years or more.
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