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This is another of those inevitable problem areas that occurs after years of aging! Just fixed mine a couple of weeks ago (cost 10 cents).

When you remove the seat back, you will see a white plastic gear track. On inspection, youíll probably find that the top part of the track, which secures to the headrest rod, has sheared off (the plastic has become brittle). Look more closely and youíll find the missing piece lying in the bottom of the seat frame.

At this point, you have 2 choices: remove the original and replace it, OR repair it. I opted for the repair route which Iím convinced will outlast the car (also a lot faster, more durable and less expensive than replacement).

Hereís the procedure that I came up with (although itís a simple 2 minute job my description may not be obvious until youíre actually looking at the raw parts): 1) set the headrest height such that the rod-ball aligns with the broken track socket, 2) reassemble the ball end of the rod between the main track channel and the broken-off top (which youíve retrieved), 3) tighten a ĹĒ (or largest you can fit) plastic cable tie around the 3 pieces, then trim, 4) test the up and down operation while observing the tightness of the joint (maximum stress is when the head rest is being pulled fully down, and 5) replace the seat-back.

If youíve used a good quality cable tie, this arrangement should be stronger and more durable than a track replacement.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.

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