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I got my car back from the indie with the tranny rebuilt.

He said he adjusted the mixture slightly to correct my problem, but also mentioned that the problem was attributed to my fuel distributor, which he says is going bad.

Doesn't make sense to me.

My car only misbehaves when it is warm.

If it were the fuel distr, then the car would be bad at all temps and not only warm.

After warming the engine, I pulled off the cold start valve and it did not make a difference to the idle (heavy exhaust).So it went right back in.

I disconnected the EHA from the system and it seems to idle better (seat of pants meter).

I also pulled out a round 4-pronged sensor (next to the clutch fan sensor) and the tip was dirty so I cleaned it up and put it back in. The sensor prong seems to be immersed in water (in the block).

I don't exactly know the function of this sensor but I guess cleaning any sensor is GOOD...

Then, I went out for a run in my car (with the EHA disconnected).

Usually (with the current problem), I have to drive in S mode to overcome the severe hesitation (even then, slight hesitation) from stop, and then when I get to accelerate (slingshot effect), I leave behind a trail of black smoke!

Hesitation gone (thank you Captain Obvious!) in S mode.Switched back to E mode and no hesitation!

Also, from the headlights of the vehicles behind me, I don't see any trail of black smoke at all!

I will have a longer run tomorrow afternoon (now it's at night) to confirm the above results. Also, I will start to monitor the mpg.

I used to get 420km before my fuel indicator lit up. With this problem, I only get to 290km on a full tank!

If it all seems ok, the mechanics are ok, if not good.

Then, next I would have to look at the closed loop system.

My car has no cat, hence no O2 sensor.

Anyone know what i need to check against the EHA current values?

Thanks in advance, guys.
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