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Re: I have 380 sel heads and cams,etc. cheap

Well, I have been working on getting the driver's side head off this 380SEL, and I have some questions.

First off, I read of everyone saying how much of a pain it was to get to the nuts on the underside of the manifolds. I managed to get them off, but I am having problems getting to the bolt that holds the circular clamp around the crossover pipe where it connects to the left side manifold. The nut appears to be a square one that is held (when it was new anyway) by the circular clamp, and the bolt that screws into it needs to be unfastened from the top, only it's in an odd angle. It almost seems like I'll have to take an 11mm socket and have a handle welded to it.
This clamp is how the manifold gets released from the pipe for removal, right?

Next, I have heard on this forum and elsewhere (and in the 1983 Chilton manual that is all I have), that the intake does not have to be removed to get the head off, but it's been suggested that it's a good idea anyway. The first thing that comes to mind is the water coolant passages leaking upon reassembly if the gaskets aren't changed.

So, I think removing it is best.. but I've never removed injectors on these engines, never seen a intake setup off the car, to know what needs to be removed to get it off the car. There are a ton of connections to that manifold, and I want to disturb as little as possible, so I'll be able to get it back together without too much grief.

Any info that might be helpful, would be appreciated.

Also, seeing the section of the manual on using the valve train adjustment tool would be a great help when I get to that point, if someone has it handy and wouldn't mind sending it along. (temporary anti-spam email)

Thanks in advance!


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