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Put the old unit back in. Drove for 2 days. Drives fine, error code 2 on port 14 is the first to show up on day 2. The car drives fine, so I drove it to the cottage Friday night and about 1.5 hours into the journey, all acceleration is lost. I crawled allong the shoulder at 50KM/h for the next hour or so and make it to my destination.

I read the error codes on arrival and codes 2 and 11 now show (as before) on port 14. The motor in the actuator still runs with the ignition switched to on (which I don't think it used to but I'm not positive).

So what do you all think, is it the module controling the actuator or the actuator itself?

What about a used component given the price of new?

I will check later this week at a cafe for a possible answer, before I try and limp the car home.

Thanks for any assistance.

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