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I did our 94 e320 (75k miles) last month. Take your time, bag and label everything, use a digital camera for reference, TAKE YOUR TIME.

It's basically nuts and bolts I also replaced my heater core and all vent actuators while I was in there. They didn't need to be replaced, just insurance for the future.

I bought all my parts from Phil at FastLane.

I made my own evap drip hoses from heater hose I had laying around. The foam crap evap drip hoses that are OEM are crap

Make sure you have radio removal keys, a torx set, buy the instrument cluster removal tool (I tried with my homemade set and it wasted about 2 hours of my time), no need to remove to steering wheel (hence no need to remove drivers side airbag), just fully extend it out. Passenger airbag has two red electrical leads that just pop out. Assembly is held in by one long bolt accessed from below the dash.

Best bet is buy or borrow a manual. Even better is to find someone who has done the job and have them help along the way. Hidalgo (local forum member) was a huge help during my evap job
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