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oil leak question '93 190E

Greetings fellow MB owners,

I've always searched for topics on this forum and have yet to post, so thanks to everyone in the past and future for all their help. I've got a simple problem, which has been posted before, but a picture is worth a thousand words so I wanted to make my first post.

'93 190E 2.3 134K (head gasket and valve job at around 98K) leaks a little oil from the valve cover. Not enough to drip on pavement but enough to make the engine/undercover dirty. Don't need to add on 3-5K change interval. If oil is collecting in the ringed area in the picture, is it a simple valve cover gasket replace ?

The last time I did that was on my '75 Camaro @ age 17 ! Do you think it's a gasket only, or could it be worse ?

Thanks in advance !
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