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Talking 89" 300 Sel.....gasket Help !!!!!

So my mom bought this 89" 300SEL. It was very well taken care of and all just that the guy is leaving the country and said he wanted to get rid of it. Anywho when she bought it the guy told her it needs a new head gasket because there is anti-freeze in the oil...well wether oil in the anti-freeze reservoir. So he said that is most likely the problem. So guess who is stuck with the bill to fix it......exactly. I know what I'm doing because I have done this same job on out burban except I had to strip it down completely to replace the head all together. What I want to know is what else could it be to cause this phanaminon of oil in the ani-freeze reservoir ,and is there anything special I should know about doing this job by it being a benz ? Or is it just as straight forward as my burban just about ?

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