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Originally posted by neveremailme:
1983 300 SD> This happens frequently, My cars engine gets wet from washing it, or rain, and I go to drive it, and it runs fine for a few miles, and them suddenly it acts like there is no turbo boost (acceration, may not be turbo related though) It takes sometimes a day or two before the power returns to normal. Its not the fuel filters or air cleaner. No shop has been able to answer this one. I wish someone could.

Well Thanks to the people here who told me to bypass the anaroid valve, I did and ITs running fine again. There must have been an intermittent problem with it, Its the valve that ran between the intake manifold and the injector pump. it has two hoses going to it, and it was on the firewall, drver side, and an electrical conection. Thanks to everyone here. Bless you all.

I know the simple things to check, but I always have problems the dealership knows nothing about, OKAY?
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