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Wellt hanks to everyone's advise, Especially Larry Bible, My Car is purring like a kitten, silky smooth, and feels like a totally different car now.

I highly recommend Larry Bible's Advise of:

"Change it Hot, Change it Often"

And his advise of letting it drain over night.

What a difference a few extra hours draining makes.

Thanks to Larry Bible, and All whose advise I have followed. I really appreciate the help.


When I was picking up the oil filter wrench at the store, I took a look at the aftermarket filters for the car, compared to the factory one, They are in no way as good from my inspection.

The Purolator one is made in India the element seemed soft, and it didnt seem as well made as the factory one. The few dollars difference in the factory filter price is well worth it for the obviously higher quality made filter.

Now my next change will be at 81.5k miles. then 84.5k and so on. Every 3k miles that filter and oil is coming out the same way I did it this time. drain it hot, and drain it overnight. And a new factory filter and either castrol or mobil 1 is going back in.

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