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Guess mine were just not that tough.

Wooden/plastic handle (or whatever similar implement) should cause no damage pressing on the bearing. Sometime PVC pipe will work too, depending upon the diameter. Just keep it clean.
I have used that method successfully on other cars.
I have a cheap seal/bushing install set with various soft aluminum heads that works for this too. I see these around for cheap. Honestly, this is not the 'ideal' method.

In terms of prying, it can help to place something across the center of the hole to use as a fulcrum for the prybar. The other side of the hole does not make a great fulcrum for a straight prybar. That is why the special seal puller (with the perpendicular handle) works. This technique can work with vise-grips too sometimes.

I am having trouble visualizing this particular seal. Is the space between the bearing and the seal particularly tight? Guess I've done too many of these...
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