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Depending what you are going to do after its out, either the tierods must be removed or the pitman arm itself. If you are resealing the box, the pitman arm must come off anyway so I would take the aarm off. Since that is about 98% of all the reasons we take gearboxs off, we usually do it that way.

Either way will take some special pullers. Taking the rods off is difficult without hurting the boots.

Proper reassembly should be done with the key out and the steering wheel locked straight ahead. The center position of the gearbox is determined by removing the access plug and turning the box till the dimple in the reciprocating ball carrier comes before the access hole. There is a tool to lock this position but care and checking it afterward do just fine.

If you remove the pitman arm be sure it is marked for reassembly in exactly the same position.

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