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1999 C43 AMG...Engine Coolant Question?

I recently had my cooling system serviced by a Mercedes Benz shop.When I got the car back I noticed that they had indeed serviced the cooling system but the antifreeze solution is bright green.This tells me that they did not put in the MB antifreeze but the over the counter prestone. After using the search feature im not sure whether to take it back and have them re do the service to the cooling system or leave it as is.Im sure that they will claim that it will cause no problems. What do you guys think..make a hassle or leave it be?
Im also thinking of changing it to MB antifreeze myself...does anyone know exactly where the block drain plug for the cooling system is located on my 1999 C43?
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Thabnks for your time
1999 C43
35,000 miles
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