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Door switch for dome light

Just the other night I was getting into my car and I noticed the dome light did not turn on when I opened my door. I figured I probably had it in the wrong position so I checked it but it was in the right position. Then I figured maybe the light was burnt out but I turned it to map and dome and both worked. So then I went around to the passenger side and opened that door and it turned on from that side. So then I tried messing with the door open trigger by just pushing and wiggling them cuz I thought maybe they were just sticking or something (theres 2, not sure which is for the light). Anyways this problem is frustrating to me, although it's not a huge deal but I want to see my keyhole and stuff when I open my door and it's one of those little things that should just work right.

Any suggestions/help? It's worked fine for the past year and a half and started out of no where. I hope I don't have to have the switches replaced unless it's cheap.
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