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Thanks for your help. Aspriator replacement job completed. For the record, here's what I did.

1) disconnect battery (+)
2) Using a 10mm socket and extension, unbolt the airbag. There is a hole underneath the lower dash. Put the socket with extention in there until you get a bite on the bolt. Then unscrew. It's about 5 inches long... but not completely threaded.
3) Remove airbag by pulling it straight out towards you... may require a bit of back-forward movement. Unplug the 2 airbag plugs and put airbag aside. Careful to remember EXACTLY how airbag was plugged in.
4) remove screws on the bottom side of the passenger lower dash.
5) remove the other black plastic piece under the dash.
6) remove 2 upper screws holding the lower dash. These are seen now that the airbag is removed.
7) remove the right vent. there are 4 tabs that need to be lifted in order to pull the vent out. As you lift 1, pull hard on that corner so that it holds open.. then work on the one above it. That side should now start to come out. Next, release 2 tabs on other side and pull out vent. This can be a pain.. but it can be done by 1 person.
8) remove last 2 screws in vent area holding the lower dash in.
9) Carefully take out lower dash. Move it around, it will come out. Look at how it's currently in... it's just a bit tricky putting it back.
10) The aspriator is now visible. Unplug power and vacuum line and replace.

Start putting everything back once everything..

1) put dash cover back in place and replace all the screws.
2) put vent back in. Make sure vent is wide open first. Then from behind, hold the vent cowl (or whatever that's called) and push it forward as best as possible so that the vent snaps into it properly first before it snaps into the dash.
3) plug the airbag back in same way they were before. Push it into the slot.
4) Bolt the airbag back in.
5) reinstall any bottom black pieces you may have removed.
6) plug battery cable back in.
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