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My w123 230TE, 1983, 102.980 engine, 400.000km (euro), resently started to make a knocking sound at cold start, which seems to be comming from the front of the engine.
After a couple of minutes as the engine heats up, the sound disapears.
Sounds almost as a bad rod bearing (hope not!).
The pressure gauge reads 3 (max.) at idle until it warms up, the it drops to 1.5-2.
I was thinking about changing the oil pump, but was told by MB that these "never" fails.
Noise started shortly after replacing the engine mounts, the new ones are app. 0.5 inch higher than the old ones (original MB!), now causing the engine to sit higher towards the front than it used to, could this cause any lublication problems ?.
I just replaced the camshaft and lifters.
Valve clearance is ok, timing chain changed 1 year ago, new oil (castrol RS) & filter.

Any suggestions would be appreciated..


83, W123 230TE
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