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It's in the warning module behind the instrument cluster. I've got pictures that I took and will be posting later this week or early next week. The chime I put in is not load enough, so I had to order a different one... Mallory Sonalert SC616CPN. Should have it in my hands late this week.

It is a HUGE PAIN to take out the entire warning module. So what I do is unplug the harness (plug), then take 2 butter knives (or screwdrivers) and separate the outer casing from the inners and pull the inners out. There is a plastic "nose" on the circuitry that you can grab with a needle nose plyers once you have a butter knife lodged in the top and bottom of the module.

Once out, it's just a matter of unsoldering the old buzzer and soldering 2 wires that you will run outside of the module box and connect to the chime. The chime I have has 2 screws to connect the wires to. I then cover them with tape.. insert the circuitry back in and squeeze the chime into the right side of the instrument cluster housing... pushing back enough so that it does not get in the way.

Also, to make room for the 2 wires, I notched out a piece of the plastic where the harness connects to.

Not sure if that makes sense... but pictures should help.
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