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slew of 87 300e questions

Hello everyone, this is my first post being that I just bought the 300e a week ago. First and foremost, I have a transmission question. I've noticed that the Transmission shifts slightly late when accelerating from first to second and from second to third. There is also a metal rattling/spinning sound when it does this. It is no big deal right now but I don't want it to become one. Should I leave it or get it serviced? I've heard mixed opinions on servicing transmissions. I have an inkling it has been serviced before, as the previous owner was good with maintenance (can't get in touch with him now), but I am not certain. The second of my questions pertains to the adjustable driver's seat. It is electronic, but the bottom does not move up and down on one side, causing the seat to tilt and become crooked when i try to adjust it. The head rest has also ceased to move. Are problems like this easily/cheaply fixed? How would I do it? My final question is about the headlight "doors" or "rims" (plastic pieces that encompass the headlight and cover the bright bulb). Anybody have or know where to find them online for under $40? I can only find them for $70 a piece, too much for a penny-pincher such as myself. thank you much everyone.
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