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'96 C280 A/C Woes

On the drive home today I noticed the A/C wasnt near as cold as normal. I dont run the A/C often, but I can say last week it was cold enough to make me turn it off because my hands were getting cold. Today, its just enough to keep me from breaking a sweat. I seem to hear a... what I would call a dry hiss from the center vents when the AC is switched on. (which isnt normal to hear) I have searched the boards to find what corresponds to this and used the PBU unit to retreive "Intermitten Codes". There were no "Contiunus" codes. The codes it displays in this order are: "23*2, 23*3, 41*6, 41*7, 41*9, 42*1, 42*2 End"

I checked all the fuses, I checked what vacuum lines were obvius under the hood but I cant say that I checked them all. The vents seem to operate fine in opening/closing when I change its output direction, just the air is not cool and I hear the hiss that isnt normal. If anyone knows the meaning of the codes from the PBU or what causes the hiss sound through the center vents, I would love a pointer!

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