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I have a 1989 UK 300SE when I am driving, I notice it is difficult to keep the car in a straight line. I keep have to move the steering wheel. At speed it gets even worse the car seems to slide slightly from side to side as if there is a high wind. There is also a lot of play in the steering wheel before it has any affect on the direction of travel.
I took the car to a dealer, they did all the allignment etc. But they said they couldn't fix the steering box and I needed a new one.
I will get around to replacing the steering box, but I'm worried there is something else wrong, maybe suspension related or something.
If anybody has any info, or if this is common, please help!! I feel it might be quite dangerous, espescially when i'm doing 120mph!!!!!
I have seen a steering box for sale on
I am a bit worried about using parts other than Mercedes original, any tips appreciated!



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