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"turn off the engine. If the fan continues to spin more than one rotation, you have a bad fan clutch. In my case, the fan spins about 20 times. The fan should only spin 1/4 or 1/2 of a turn at engine cut off. (normal operating temp)"
So I guess the good news and bad news is that the fan clutch seems to spin indefinitely when I turn the car off. Does that mean that is the source of my problems? I haven't done the resistance measurement yet.

"try running your A/C parked, and watch the front fans, they should come on. They will also come on at a 107c or so....."
Yes, with the car at operating temp and the A/C on, the fans DO come on. The tests I was doing before didn't involve the A/C as I couldn't get the regular fans to turn on without running the A/C to begin with, so I hadn't bothered with the A/C fan.

stevo, after my test I touched my radiator and it was blazing hot! When you fixed the fan/clutch issue, what was the end result with regards to your car's temperature? How much did it cost?
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