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you tell me

some time ago, i put up a post concerning the replacement of the hydraulic rear suspension for my 126's[560sel, 560sec].

i was answered and referred to a posting on another benz site. i emailed the author as he requested. and he wouldn't answer privately as he insisted be done.

i really did not want to join that site just for this answer, so i challenged him to reply as he requested.

basically, he responded by telling me to "screw-off".

i really don't give a rat's ass, but i ask you, if someone offers info via private email is there some etiquette that allows for that stricture to change to a public airing. and if so, why does it require my joining a website so as to ask the question? why didn't that individual just post the answer for the gp?

i am confused. i consider the guy real rude. am i wrong?

msgs follow..............

i call that reneging. you offered that info via email. i call that a private matter. shall i send you that posting of yours where you offered the parts and mod data?

here is what i read...

"The parts are readily available. All you need are rear springs and shocks from a 420SEL, and also a blanking plate for the hydraulic pump (also from a 420SEL).

The springs are $160 each retail, but I got them for less than $50 each from

I paid $98 each for Konis from, but that was probably overkill, you can get all kinds of generic shocks for as low as $30 each.

I paid retail for the blanking plate from my local stealership, less than $20 including the gasket and 4 small bolts.

Email me at if you need any more info."

In a message dated 7/14/2003 9:33:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time, albertchampion writes:

in light of that, why should this go public?


In light of that, you will get no more information from me._ This is the last communication that you will receive from me. Good bye.
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