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Unhappy alarm going crazy

I need help on my alarm. I was able to install my alarm (with the help of this forum of course) yesterday but encountered a rather unusual problem. SInce I did not want to mess with the ignition system, I did not intall the engine shut-off feature of the alarm. Problem is, whe I disengage the alarm and start the car, it would crank a bit but will not go through. I pull out the keyand try it for several times before it goes through. In the process, all my windows roll up and down.

When I was testing the alarm, I tapped on the wire inside the console box since I was trying to get a 12V Ignition wire not knowing that this wire controls the window. I took the wire off and tapped it instead in the 12V Ignition wire going to my radio. Still, it sometimes doesn't start.

Last problem, I tapped the lock/unlock wire near my vac in the trunk because I found out that the car has an old keyless entry system. The previous owner probably lost the remote so it was real easy to tap into the old system. Problem is the door lock switch in my dash doesn't work if the car is started. It however works if the key is not in or if the alarm is disengaged.

I badly need anybody's technical expertise on this. I have installed alarms on my japanese cars but I am a first time benz owner.
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