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Have you tried some of the mercedes auto dismantlers? They might have what you are looking for though I have no idea what the condition would be. I'm sure you have checked Ebay, but I dont necessarily trust Things like that on E-bay.

You might want to check with steve at

he might be able to assist you in finding the center console.

If you want I can try to find out the place my Father had the wood in his Rolls Royce Redone which came out looking better than new, but it might be more costly than replacing the piece.

You could also look into putting a carbon fibre laminate on the wood but I would rather go with carbon fibre.

Perhaps a really good custom interior shop will know, or maybe there is a junkyard you can go to that has mercedes which might have the console piece.

Otherwise I believe I read that some people have refinished theirs but I'm not sure about the results they had.

I wish I could be of more help.


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