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Remove boot and brass pin. Don't lose the pin!. Also, from the pictures you can see that I left the original RTV (white glue) This will help keep the brass plate in place with you refit everything.

Empty silicon in clean cup draw about 2-3cc at a time with syringe.
Cover pin hole with tip of syringe to prevent silicone oil from coming out of sides.

The stuff that you see me putting in the clutch is not silicon oil. I experimented with A/C oil, not the same and does not work.

You will need to heat up the clutch and spin it to get the silicon oil to the sides and bring air pockets out of the pin hole. I suggest doing this after every 5cc of silicon oil.

Each bottle of Toyota silicon oil is 18cc. I used almost both bottles. I might have still had some A/C oil in my clutch.

You can also you the syringe to suck air out from time to time. Try not to waste the silicon gel. This process might take 2 hours. Be patient, have a beer or 10.

When no more silicon oil will go in, replace pin, boot and brass plate. Be CAREFUL when you bend tab back in place. Use something to brace the plate so that it dosen't bend. Add a few drops of RTV to the ends and let dry for about 20min.

Try it out, let us know.
Good luck,
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