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You will not believe this! I'm in deep Yogurt now!

Well, went to pick up the car today and was told all is great.

I didn't get any further than 1 inch away from the shop when I noticed a miss as I went to pull away at low speed! Within a second or two the miss went away and the car ran fine. I took it back as I wasn't satisfied with the miss and the guy took a ride with me and the farther we went the better it got.

He told me to drive it awhile and see what happened. I drove to the Gas station filled up the car and the car wouldn't start.

We jumped it and he worked on it for about 3 hours and called me a while ago and told me he had no clue what was wrong with the car. Told me to come get it and pick up my check. He just couldn't fix it!

The battery was said to have died because the Alternator wasn't hooked up properly.

This does me no good as I still have no car after two weeks and have no idea who to take the car to and no clue as to what has been done and what parts have been thrown at the car!

Still missing on take off as far as I know and he can't figure out whats wrong. So I guess I go get it and go from there! What a nightmare!

Any help appreciated!
1988 560SL
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