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I was at my Mercedes Dealer picking up a factory oil filter, and I was looking at their list of pamphlets, and it showed that my dealer only uses Mobil 1 in the cars, and not any other brand. I asked the parts guy about it and my service manager, and they both concurred that Mobil 1 is what they use.

Now that really pleases me to know that the oil most recommended by people here, especially Larry Bible, is used by my dealership.

Their pamphlet said they have been using mobil oil in mercedes since 1906 or something.

In anycase, I also looked at an aftermarket oil filter by Purolator for my car, and compared to the factory filter, the aftermarket one seems like it wont filter out anything.

The factory oil filter is very sturdy, and looks like it is the only way to go as far as filters are concerned.

The parts guy at the dealer said it is best to use the factory filter. Judging from what I saw, The extra few dollars spent on the factory filter is well worth it because of the apparent huge difference in quality over aftermarket filters.

However you want to look at it, Mercedes has proven to me once again, that they are about Quality, and it shows in the parts they use and the fluids they put in your car.


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