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My patience with DIY sites has been a mite trying lately.

I am definately loosing sympathy for people that demand a response by personal email or worse yet by phone. I was warned when I first started writing on this forum to send all private email to the forum. The reasoning is simple; I spend my time writing and one person uses the free results or I do it on forum and archives make it usable to many forever (more or less).

As this isn't a technical issue, I am not following the link to form a judgement on this case. The tone in this forum leads me to this response. I also feel that no one should ask for anything for free except in public over the forum. If you wish more personal info you should be willing to pay for it or forget it. If you can gather all the free info necessay by forum, more power to you. To insist on private communications without pay is insulting to me.

Each has his own way of dealing with it.
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