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One common installation problem that causes warping is mis-seating due to an improperly cleaned hub. The old rotor can leave deposits and rust on areas of the hub that will cause poor alignment when the new rotor is torqued on. Distortion at the hub attachment will cause stresses in the rotor body that allow warpage to develop when the rotor heats up. I always brush the hub area thoroughly with a wire brush and solvent, and examine contact minutely before applying full torque.

I have also seen problems develop due to calipers that were not properly inspected and maintained during the brake job. They may have functioned fine with the old pads/rotors, but not after being compressed to fit the new ones. Dragging brakes will excessively heat the rotors even without applying the brakes, and set you up for warpage.

And, these are just a few of the things that can go wrong...

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