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Check Engine Light but not Codes per Tech

Help needed ASAP Please.

1994 E320

Symptom: Check engine light on, and trans is not delaying the shift when cold (it should)

I previously pulled the code 26 (shift delay fault). The shift delay valve near the master cylinder holds 15 in of mercury. The shift delay unit on the trans hold only 5 in. mercury. I would have replaced this if I could, but not sure if this is the issue, So I took it to a shop yesterday.

Shop used a Bosch code puller (or what every you call it) to communicate with the vehicle.

NO CODES WERE PRESENT. But the check engine light is on.

Shop is talking about replacing the ECM (Engine control module). They stated it may be an issue with it, they are not sure of course. It cost about $1 and they can not ensure that it's the problem.

What could be the issue. I do not think the ECM is bad. Any advise????


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