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Two Month Check-in

It's been over two months since installing the Metal Masters. So far, they continue to perform exceptionally well.

An issue that arose in the past few days was squealing -- Loudly -- during low speed braking. Turns out that I did not use enough of that red CRC rubbery backing goop to keep the pads from moving in the calipers. (I have the Girling calipers with no spring plate, pins, or anything to keep the pads from moving. They just float in the caliper, and can clunk or clack at times when braking from forward to reverse.)

I removed them, scaped off the old goop, added some new. Then I attached the shims that came with the pads, added more goop on top of that, and replaced the pads, which are now in there nice and tight -- and should become even more snug as the CRC stuff swells. We'll see.
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