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I screwd it up big time

Hi Tinker,

Remember the ticking noise I was talking about. Turned out the intake cam shaft was off by one gear tooth. No more ticking and the car is very reponsive for a 200K miles, nice and smoth accelleration.

However, because the car had rough idle so I order a OVP and got it today, put this OVP in but didn't help. Engine like to stall out at idle. I then attemped to adjust the idle mixture screw. And sure enough I did screwed it up big time. The dawn car is not even start any more, I'm totally lost. I know, I know, I shouldn't have mess with, but it is too late, I've done it man.

I'm thinking about having it tow to the dealer to have reset and re-adjust. But I hate to have my wallet hanging out like this for the dealer to suck it up.

Would you happen to have a procedure or some trick ways to help me get back to where I was. I don't have an oscillescope to measure duty cycle and sinewave but I have a volt meter!!!

I'm bumming.
Please, I need your two cents.

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