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'95 E420

HI everyone; I have a small problem with my '95 E420. After the engine reaches norm. op. temp. The idle fluctuates from 1k-1500rpm's down to nothing(has died on occasion)This happens only at start up.w/ a warm engine. After 30-40 sec. after the rpm's calm down and become stable it runs fine for as long as I need it to.until I turn it off and restart a couple of minutes later. It did this last summer,and not at all during the fall and winter.When this summer heated up, the problem returned.Also the engine getting too high.almost 120c in the summer and in traffic only.So if I hit traffic jams I have to turn off the a/c.What can I do to get it to run cooler,and will that take care of the idle problem.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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