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The other day, my '90 300SE didn't have enough juice to fire up. When I jumped it, I noticed the positive connection pretty heavily corroded.

I had the electrical system checked and needed a new battery. Turned out the PO had too small of a battery installed. It had one with 550 CCAmps and it is supposed to have 750.

Anyway, I installed the new battery and cleaned the terminals with baking soda. Today, I looked at it and the positive connection is starting to crust up a ittle.

I noticed while installing the battery that the + clamp had two nuts on it, a 13mm and a 10mm. The 10mm got snug and kept turning but wouldn't en. Could this be the cause? It seems pretty on the terminal.

The other thing I have noticed and I don't know if they are related but, when my cell phone rings, it sounds like the BRONX cheer is coming out of the radio. Also, when the phone's cigarette plug charger is about to charge the phone, I hear a small click through the radio 5 seconds before the phone indicates it's charging. Weird.

Any ideas?


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