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I hope that ticking noise wasn't a valve kissing a piston??? If it didn't idle right after you corrected the intake cam, I would recommend a compression or leakdown test. You need to check if you damaged anything.

If you nicked or bent a valve you can forget about it idling right. It will run fine off idle, but it won't want to idle.


The factory specifies a 0 EHA ma reading and 50% duty cycle reading. A negative ma reading from the EHA represents a rich running condition and a positive means lean. As you lean and richen the duty cycle will jump around. Stevebfl recommends a slightly rich reading (mid 40's duty cycle) for best performance.
My reading for some reason are the exact inverse of what they should be. Go figure. BTW I believe my pot (wow man I'm so stoned) is bad but I have managed to mask its behavior by disconnecting the throttle position sensor. But that's a whole nother topic.

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