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Still Bumming

Hey Tinker,

I hope so too, but let me ask you this, can a valve still kissing the piston even the Valve clearance was in spec????

I did not do a pre-compression test before I changed out the timing chain so I didn't know what they were. However, post timing chain replacement, the number two cylinder is low only 100psi while the rest are in 165-170psi. Is this why it won't hold idle at all? it runs real good, smooth accellaration, it hasn't been this good in a while, except for the idling.

As you know right now the car is dead in my driveway and so does Davect. I have never done this part of adjusting the duty cycle on this car, I need some test points and what plug and so on. Though, I'm not a stranger to sinewaves and duty cycles from work, we have lots of robots that used Gallil stepper motor control with encoder signal amplifier.

How do I get back to nominal position and that is my problem right now. I hate to bring it to the dealer and before you know it, they'll tell me I need a whole new mass flow sensor this will be ouch chihoahoa!!!!

Hey Dave! Good luck with your car and please let us know how you will make out. Let me know if you want to go boating on Candlewood lake sometime this Summer.

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