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Found two more local older Mercedes- early 80s 240/300 and 83 300CD coupe

Today I spotted two more older Mercedes I am considering to buy as a work car. I found either a 240D or 300D 4dr. It has the color keyed wheelcovers, so I am guessing it is a 240D, which I know is a S L O W car, but not a concern, if I use it as a work car. It is light blue, has a few dents and flaking paint, but looks to be rust free, which is typical of cars around here in the south. No price listed, but I may call about it tomorrow and get the details. This car is parked in a lawn at a home. The other I found is a 1983 300CD coupe (also light blue) for $1900. It has 160K (I think) and is in VGC. Only problem is that I do not really like the 2drs. It is in GC however. They also have a fairly nice 84 BMW 5-series sedan for $1900, but I vowed I would never buy another BMW after the terrible 1982 BMW 733i I bought a few years ago. It WAS an electrical glitch. Engine would not start 1/2 of the time, lights in the console for the windows were always illuminated, several wires taped up in the instrument panel where the radio was, heat/AC controls inoperable, found rust in the trunk, rust hole in the wheel well (found out it was an original northern car). I should have checked it out more closely, but it was only $700., so I could not complain. I later sold it for $800. w/out investing any money, so that was good. I also later found out that it had the original 3.3L removed and it had a 2.8L from a 5-series. Still, that car would FLY. I have never driven a more powerful car, aside from our old (now my grandfathers) 81 Toyota Cressida with a 2.8L inline 6-cyl w/EFI. The BMW would not start when hot when a certain sensor was connected. When disconnected- it would not start when engine was cold. Interior quality on the big BMW was also not what I expected. Very low quality for a $40K in 1982 flagship BMW. Several interior rattles. Possible that the car was abused and poorly maintained. Anyway- I would rather have a Mercedes than BMW. I also located a 84-85 190e for $1800., but I do not know the details.
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