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Originally posted by ke6dcj
While not dust-free, please try the "yellow-box" Textar pads, which is the "European" MB OEM composition.

IMHO, less dust than the USA or Textar Pagid's, great stopping power cold, and good fade resistance especially under HEAVY repeated use (I use them on the big-track of Willow Springs, going 125 MPH down the front straight, no fade), and fairly easy on the rotors.

The Textar's come with circumferential (sp?) dampening pads. I also re-fit the stainless-steel shims that originally came with the pads and use either MB brake grease or Permatex synthetic/green brake grease between the shim and pad, and the shim and pistons, and I've never had brake squeal.

Check our EPS/Randy's brake pad site here:

Brake Pad Brands, Compounds and Technical Information

Table of Contents:

1. Orignal Mercedes Brake Pads
Textar Ate Pagid Jurid
2. Aftermarket Brands
PBR / Axxis / Repco Mintex
3. Technical Information
Brake Squeal Coefficient of Friction
4. Brake Safety and Instillation Tips

:-) neil
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I have Textar yellows in both my parent's Benzes, the first one getting the Textar treatment was my soon-to be ride, a 1986 420SEL with Bendix calipers and ATE discs up front, and Lucas-Girling calipers clamping OE discs with OE Textar pads. The pedal feel was just GREAT, solid and responsive after break in(my dad just followed a bus to break the pads in), and i use AGS sil-glyde grease, no squeal except for the backs. My mom's 380SL was next, it got new Balo rotors on all four corners, with Textar yellows up front, PBR Deluxe(PBR/Axxis/Repco/Lucas pads are made by Bendix Mintex Pty, LTD in Australia, fyi), and after having my power-hungry friend do a break-in, the pedal feel was incredible. I slapped on a set of Raybestos QS ceramic pads on my mom's Nissan Quest, Raybestos "claims" that they are low dusting, but they are just as bad as the OE TRW or the Bendix semi-metallics that were on there before. Too bad the Americans suck at the art of making brake pads, only the Europeans and the Australians know the fine are of making friction.
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