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Idle surge - possible culprit?

Hey guys,

I recently noticed that my car was starting FASTER than normal (1 sec cranking time rather than say 2 seconds) however the car has also developed a weird idle surge. Here is the interesting thing though. It only does it in the morning when the engine is cold. It will not do it after sitting all day when I leave work even when the engine has not run in ten hours, only first thing in the morning. Also, after starting quicker than normal it always idles surges two times (500 to 1500 then back down), no more and no less and then returns to a normal idle. From then on and for the rest of the day it runs normally. The car is 100% tuned with new plugs, caps and rotors air filters etc, etc, so that might eliminate a few things. Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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