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I used a flush gun to flush the evaporator on my '87 300D (W124) last night. A little bit of green came out and then the color of the flush, and then clear. The clear line I hooked to the evap to catch the exit flush never was completely dry. Always a little on the outer edge of the hose, but clear. Even running dry nitrogen thru the evap it did not get "dry" in the exit flush hose. Is this Okay?

What is the recommended way to flush the metal lines to the evaporator? The smaller one that has a piece of Aeroquip hose in the middle comes out of the car easily. But the larger line does not look so easy to remove or get the flush get into.

I plan to to flush the manifold hose with the flush gun and then remove the compressor and pour mineral oil into it and turn it by hand and dump out repeatedly until the green dye is all gone.

The reason for this work is the system was opened when a deer wacked the car a few months ago. (I'm not repairing a Black Death compressor problem.)

Brian Toscano
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