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I'm thinking my belt tensioner is shot on my 400E. The adjustment rod on my tensioner runs out of travel or adjustment.

I took the tensioner off and on the back side where the adjustment rod connects to the flat plate which has the flat areas, and this in turns moves in adjust on the tensioner. The flat areas on the tensioner can be moved if I hold the wheel bracket still, which internally sounds like the rubber is turning inside.

When I set the initial tension, i.e. Belt semi tight against the basic tensioner and the adjustment rod in the lower to middle part of the threaded shaft.
The adjustment mark on the tensioner is set to the first mark to the left facing the car.
I then adjust the tension with the tension adjust screww till the marker is then in the middle of the 4 marks. I then tighten down the center bolt to hold the tension at this point and solid tighten the center bolt on the tensioner.

At this point when I pull up on the belt everything loosens back to very slack.

Sign of shot tensioner?

What's the corrent conversion of 100 Nm to Ft Lbs.s That's what the service book says is torgue spec for the center bolt.

Thanks for the help,

Mike Mullins
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