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You guys are truely marvelous. Each of you has answered very specific questions that I have regarding this most unusual situation.

I figure that who ever changed the fuel pump did a lot of guessing when he reassembled the system. Probably a guy who loved true and false questions when he was in school. He would be guaranteed 50% correct guesses. Beats a blank test return.

I first suspected such when I found that the fuel filter was installed backwards and I think what ede has said... that the fuel lines are switched somewhere along the line... is a correct diagnosis.

Inspector1... What a stroke of luck that we both have the same vehicles because I have no idea where these fuel and vacume lines are supposed to go. I have a Hanes manual for the Trooper but all the emmissions control info is for carberator version of the vehicle. I ordered the factory manuals for the Trooper and they are in the mail... both the electrical and mechanical including the updates.

There is one immediate question you could answer for me. One of the ports on the canister is missing a vacume hose... the one with the largest diameter and located to the extreme right when looking from the passenger side fender of the car. There is also no hose connected to the bottom of the canister.

Can you tell me what hoses are supposed to be connected to these points and where they should run to? I have the 4 cylinder I-Tec engine.

Sounds like we can be most helpful to each other in the future.

Again thanks to all for your most benificial input.

1993 190E 2.3
2000 Toyota 4x4 Tundra

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